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Etymologies of Greek Words

These are given to aid in understanding how the formation of Greek words led to their common usages. This is most often seen with compound words, i.e. a word prefixed with a preposition which intensifies and particularizes its meaning. Of course the meanings of words can and do mutate from their original roots, but this kind of analysis often yields fruitful insights.

ἀνεξιχνίαστοςἀσωτία, ἄσωτοςἐκπλήσσωἐξουσίαμεριμνάω, μέριμναπαρακαλέω, παράκλητοςπαράπτωμασυγκυρία, παρατυγχάνωὑπερβολή

Sourced from various lexical works, including TDNT “Kittel”, Liddell and Scott, Louw & Nida, BAGD, Thayer, et al.

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