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The Surge of God

Caught in a wheel am I
Of vain excitements turning, ever turning
Low and high, they catch my eye
Dragging me to emptiness, burning within

But there is more in store,
I have something more
Or Something more has me.

What is this awesome majesty?
This bright awareness of eternity
In my own soul? In me a clump of dust?
Ah, but in You an immortal jewel.

In you I am ancient and nascent at once:
Ageless, old beyond years, for You have always known me.
Newborn, a fragile flower blossoming, for I have just now known You.

You are Life! An irresistible tide
Sweeping over me and through me
I am out of control, being carried away
To Unspeakable Joy.

The gall of bitterness and drink of despair
Which once were mine are now dissolved
In this sweet sparkling tide - The Surge of God:

A whispered breath in the air.
A warm breeze rustling my hair.
A mighty river bearing me away.
A blinding fire burning all things it its way.

~ Andrew vonderLuft, April 1982

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