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Sonnet 9 - Prophet’s Reflection

“…but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God. ~ 2 Peter 1:21”

A formal sonnet in the Shakespearean style, being 14 lines of iambic pentameter rhymed with 3 quatrains and a concluding couplet

Now what did I just say, believing it,
And there surveying it before my eyes
Unveiled in view on vast horizon sits
My vision fixed for me to my surprise?
But come, each step I take is set before
By One who lightly treads through time and calls
The things that are not yet as if they were;
Then unexpected rain from Heaven falls.
He breathed in me the Wind that filled my mind
With song and panoramic pictures bright.
Though yet unseen, that Wind in me defined
The destined vision, etched with purest light.
As flute in hand, the Master gently blew,
The Music woke when then I spoke, and knew.

~ Andrew vonderLuft, 13 April 1983

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