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2nd semester (year 1)

Date Chapters Content
1/x 15,16 Review Exam, Verbs, Present Indicative Active
1/x 15,16 Verbs, Present Indicative Active
1/x 17 Contract Verbs
1/x 18 Present Indicative Middle/Passive
2/x 19 Future Indicative Active/Middle
2/x 20 Verbal Roots, other forms of the Future
2/x 15-20 Review for Mid-term Exam
2/x 1-20 Mid-term Exam
3/x 21 Review Exam, Imperfect Indicative
3/x 21 Imperfect Indicative
3/x 22 2nd Aorist Indicative Active/Middle
3/x 23 1st Aorist Indicative Active/Middle
4/x   ΑΝΑΣΤΑΣΙΣ - no class
4/x 24 Aorist and Future Indicative Passive
4/x 25 Perfect Indicative
4/x 1-25 Review for Final Exam
5/x 1-25 Final Exam

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