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Gamma Kappa

👋🏼 χαῖρετε μαθηταί

This week’s text

  • 1 Timothy 4.6-16
  • written directly from Paul to Timothy, as pastoral advice

Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics

  • Review uses of the Particple, pp.612ff.
    • especially means, pp. 628-630, and conditional, pp.632-633
  • Read about Dative after certain adjectives, pp.174-175

Lexical Aids

  • Vocabulary >= 30 occurrences


  • vs.6 - ὑποτίθημι (ὑπό, τίθημι) to put under; to risk; to point out
  • vs.6 - παρακολουθέω (παρά, ἀκόλουθεω - “follow beside”) to follow closely
  • vs.7 - γραώδης (γραῖα, εἶδος - “kind of old woman”) foolish, silly “old wives tales”, conveys the idea of unlimited credulity
  • vs.7 - παραιτέομαι (παρά, αἰτέω - “ask alongide”) to ask; to refuse (entreat to put aside) - notice how meanings are almost opposite, and must be discerned by context
  • vs.8 - ὠφέλιμος (ὠφελέω - “I help”) beneficial
  • vs.8 - ἐπαγγελία (ἐπί, άγγελία - “report upon”) promise
  • vs.8 - εὐσέβεια (εὖ, σέβω (stand in awe, venerate, reverence) - “I reverence well”) godliness, piety
  • vs.9 - ἀποδοχή (ἀπό, δέχομαι - “receive from”) approval, acceptance; restoration
  • vs.11 - καταφρονέω (κατά, φρονέω - “think down”) to despise
  • vs.13 - προσέχω (πρός, ἔχω - “hold to”) to pay attention to
  • vs.13 - ἀνάγνωσις (ἀνά, γινώσκω - “know up” or “know again”) reading (know again after the author)
  • vs.14 - ἀμελέω (α, μελέω - “not care for”) to not care for, i.e. to neglect, to be careles of (with genitive)
  • vs.14 - ἐπίθεσις (ἐπί, τίθημι - “put upon”) laying on
  • vs.15 - προκοπή (πρό, κόπτω - “cut before”) progress, success
  • vs.16 - ἐπιμένω (ἐπί, μένω - “remain upon”) to remain, stay, continue

Scripture Memory

Review all memory passages for Final Exam


  • Complete exegetical study of Luke 23.26-49; 24.1-18
  • Prepare for quiz on 1 Timothy 4.6-16
    • vocabulary
    • questions from footnotes
    • grammatical / syntactical / exegetical questions from text, and Grammar Summary
    • English to Greek
  • All of the memory passages
  • Continue your life habit of reading Greek aloud
  • Continue taking your Greek NT to church with you, and follow along as you are able
  • Try reading the sermon text in advance each week before the Lord’s Day

The Lord's Prayer

ΚΑΤΑ ΜΑθθΑΙΟΝ 6.9-13
Πάτερ ἡμῶν ὁ ἐν τοῖς οὐρανοῖς·
    ἁγιασθήτω τὸ ὄνομά σου·
    ἐλθέτω ἡ βασιλεία σου·
    γενηθήτω τὸ θέλημά σου, ὡς ἐν οὐρανῷ καὶ ἐπὶ γῆς·
τὸν ἄρτον ἡμῶν τὸν ἐπιούσιον δὸς ἡμῖν σήμερον·
καὶ ἄφες ἡμῖν τὰ ὀφειλήματα ἡμῶν, ὡς καὶ ἡμεῖς ἀφήκαμεν τοῖς ὀφειλέταις ἡμῶν·
καὶ μὴ εἰσενέγκῃς ἡμᾶς εἰς πειρασμόν, ἀλλὰ ῥῦσαι ἡμᾶς ἀπὸ τοῦ πονηροῦ.
ὅτι σοῦ ἐστιν ἡ βασιλεία καὶ ἡ δύναμις καὶ ἡ δόξα εἰς τοὺς αἰῶνας. ἀμήν.

χάρις ὑμῖν καὶ εἰρήνη,
Διδάσκαλος Ἀνδρέας